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Home theater/LCD/projection installation

We will conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival at you home

Unpack your new Home Theater System
Mount Speakers in-wall or on-wall
Conceal the speaker wire through the attic, crawl space or beneath your moldings
Speaker Wire 16 gauge

Integrate and connect video components
Verify that speakers are properly positioned and working
Program the basic functions of your remote control
Clean up work area
Customer Orientation

We can also-
Hanging of LCD/Plasma TV on the wall
Speakers & Mounts
Test the remote to ensure all devices are working properly
Customer Orientation
Programming of Touch Screen Remote Controls
Setting up Macro Functions on the Remote

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Guaranteed Workmanship

You can be confident that your electrical work has been done properly.


Home Theater- Raygun Electric

Friendly & Professional Service

You want electricians that are experienced, clean-cut, and that keep your home and business tidy.

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