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Pre-wireing for New Construction.

Home or Office Pre-wiring can provide a flexible and cost effective way to cater for present and future technologies during the construction stages. Devices include networking, phones, security, audio visual digital TV, home theater, computers, and automation equipment. With the installation of cabling at a later date, it is not only difficult but expensive.

We will pre-wire your home for the future to accommodate You greater entertainment experience.

Most new home builders or office builders include pre-wiring in their plans, such as multiple cable TV and telephone outlets run in series, data lines and more.

On request, builders can install more comprehensive pre-wiring to suit your communication and automation needs. While there are a number of different systems in the market, the telecommunications industry is rapidly moving towards a standardized home wiring system, with "minimum" and "recommended" wiring options.

This system includes a service centre, or a central hub, where telecommunications services enter your home, and a network of dedicated conduits for high-performance cables and wires that distributes services to locations throughout your home.

Technologies will undoubtedly continue to change and improve. Your own needs may also grow and change with time. You want to make sure your system is flexible enough to accommodate future demands.

Pre-wire and connect the entire house, or office not just selected rooms or areas. That way, you will be able to plug into your network of wires and cables from any room in the building.

Consider your entertainment needs. If you are planning a home entertainment centre, you'll want to plan for speakers, outlets, cable and Internet connections. You may want to be able to re-route a video from one television screen to another-great for the kids as they move from their play area to lunch in the kitchen, for instance. You may also want to pre-wire for sound throughout the house, with the ability to turn speakers on and off with a simple flick of a conveniently located switch. And consider running a conduit from the roof to the basement for satellite cabling.

Think about security. What are your needs now? Are they likely to change in the future? It is easy to install wiring and motion sensors for doors and windows at the time of construction. Perhaps you want to incorporate a camera in the front door linked to your television, so you can see who is ringing your door bell without getting up. Or connect an alarm to the back door so you always know when it is opened. Or have a video camera in an upstairs bedroom for baby monitoring. The options are unlimited.

It makes a great deal of sense to pre-wiring when you are buying a new home. Not only does it ensure that you'll get the most out of your home, it could also pay off in the future by increasing your home's resale value.

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