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Saw cutting, trenching, removal and replacement for power distribution.

Short description of the solution

The MV cable (12kV) combines high voltage power distribution and broadband data transmission from central to local transformer.
The LV cable (1 kV) combines low voltage power distribution and broadband transmission from the transformer to the street cabinets.
The LV branch-off distribution cable (1 kV) combines the power from the street cabinet into the home (FTTH).

Advantages of the solution

The power/fiber combined solution provides excellent mechanical protection of the micro ducts for blowing fi bre cables.
Additionally, the logitics are erased - only one cable laying is needed and the number of the cable drums at the site of installation will be limited (no drums for micro ducts). The solution holds up to three micro ducts that allows incremental deployment of fi bre cables, whenever needed.

Benefits of the solution

Save money, space and ease the logistics by handling half the amount of drums of the construction site.
Cost saving while laying cables and ducts in one operation, the ducts are well protected and the fi bre cables are traceable and easy to install anytime.
A combine solution with integrated fibre ducts to blow micro cables gives a lot in savings when establishing the infrastructure. Narrow trenches is a keyword in hard, rocky and sensitive road areas.
This combine solution is easy to handle and well arranged in the trenches
Install power and fibre ducts between distribution cabinets to the home FTTH

Saw Cutting- to add power Commerical Saw Cutting- for Power distribution

Trenching- for power distribuiton adding Power distribution

adding Power distribution Line- Raygun Electric saw cutting a trench for power distribution
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