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120/240 volt wall heater installation

Whether you need a heater to take the place of a central system or just want to keep individual areas and rooms warm and comfortable, there's a heater to meet your needs.

Voltage is measured as the root mean squared value between two slots or holes in an electric outlet of the sort typically mounted in a wall, and the purpose of an electrical outlet is to provide an area for you to plug in electrical appliances. Most standard power outlets in the United States are of the 120 volt variety, which have spots for two plugs and are rated for 15 amps. Therefore, for these standard outlets, you'll be able to use any of the standard 120 volt electric space heaters.

Heater Safety Tip:
Don't exceed the above ratings, as the outlet could be damaged and start a fire. If your outlet is only rated for 15 amps, you cannot have a 14 amp heater and other appliances running at the same time on the same circuit.

Larger appliances, including garage and industrial heaters, are powered through 240 volt plugs, and cannot be powered through standard plugs. If they were fed by a 120 volt supply, they would need more than 20 amps of current running through the wires. In other words, the voltage from one hot wire to the other (called line-to-line voltage) is 240 volts, and the voltage from either wire to the neutral center-tap (called line to neutral voltage) is half that, or of the 120 volt variety as discussed above. These 240 volt outlets can also be found in garages, building sites, and other industrial areas.

More Energy Saving Tips
With all of the above heating choices available, you can still save money on your electric bill and keep your home or living space comfortably warm. For additional energy savings, follow these tips:

1-Choose a heater with a timer or one that is thermostatically controlled, as these heaters can avoid the energy waste of overheating a room.

2-Purchase a heater of the proper size for the room or area you wish to heat. With a 10/1 ratio of watts to square feet heated, a 1500 watt space heater (120 volts) will heat an insulated area of 150 square feet, and a garage heater rated at 5,000 watts should be able heat an area over 400 square feet.

3-Don't leave your space heater on the "high" setting, and turn the heater off when you're away.

4-Keep your doors and windows closed in order to minimize heat loss. Frequently switching a heater on and off and adjusting the thermostat will also result in greater energy usage.

5-Finally, an electrician you can trust and rely on!- Call us now!

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